Instant relief from cold with Naselin coldplus rub

Cold Rub And Other Remedies For A Cold & Cough

A heavy head, sniffles, and a runny nose – a bad cold can ruin your week. A remedy that is usually easily at hand for most of us, is a cold rub. But can it help relieve cold symptoms? Is it an effective remedy for cough and cold?

How To Cure A Cough And Cold

Depending on what has caused your cough or cold, you may or may not need medicines. Usually, most common colds and coughs go away on their own in a few days. If however, you’re running a high fever or are feeling unusually fatigued or experiencing other symptoms that are worse than usual, your doctor may prescribe additional medication like antibiotics. In the meantime, you can manage most of the symptoms with some simple home remedies for cold and cough.

If you suspect exposure to contagious and potentially risky viruses or if you are immune-compromised or have other comorbidities, do consult a doctor alongside trying these home remedies.

How To Use Cold Rub For A Cough Or Cold

There are several ways to benefit from the use of a cold rub. Most cold rubs contain some combination of ingredients like menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil. We’ve listed some of the simplest and most common remedies that make use of the rub.

  • Steam inhalation with a cold rub: Instead of inhaling plain steam to loosen and thin the mucus in your nasal passages, you could add a very small amount of the cold rub to pre-boiled water or your vaporizer/steamer for a refreshing burst of freshness that helps clear the nose and head. Remember not to add it to boiling water and never microwave it. On the chest: Applying a cold rub to the chest helps offer relief from breathing difficulty and eases body aches due to the menthol and camphor that it contains. The cooling sensation they impart offers pain relief in the area applied.
  • On the throat: Applying a cold rub to the throat offers a soothing sensation in the area and relieves some of the associated pain. For internal relief, you will need to consume hot liquids like soups or do warm water gargling. 
  • On the nose: Applied to the nose, the fragrance of the menthol and camphor gives a cooling sensation that makes your brain think you’re breathing better, making it easier to sleep or get on with your day. However, you will also require a nasal decongestant solution to tackle the actual congestion.

Clear Congestion And A Stuffy Nose With A Decongestant Nasal Solution

In addition to a cold rub, another useful remedy to keep at home is a decongestant nasal solution. Naselin Decongestant Nasal Solution is an easy-to-use solution to clear stuffy noses. It helps clear up congestion, giving you relief from colds, allergies, and sinusitis symptoms. You should feel that blocked-up feeling melt away as the active ingredients work their way into your nasal passages. Combined with the Naselin ColdPlus Rub, you should be able to make yourself much more comfortable the next time a cold and cough strike.

Get relief from colds and congestion with Naselin ColdPlus Rub. Order your bottle over-the-counter at pharmacies in your neighbourhood or get them home-delivered when you order online.

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