Cipla Naselin Cold Rub
Naselin ColdPlus Rub

Naselin ColdPlus Rub is a topical rub which provides Relief from Cold + Relaxation. It contains a unique blend of 6 natural aromatic herbs which not only helps in decongesting the blocked nose but will also provide relaxation from the tiredness & fatigue during cold.

Cipla Naselin Cold Rub

Why use Naselin?

Decongestant nasal drops
Decongests a
blocked nose
Nose drops for cold
Provides relief from
Relaxes the

Know Your Pack

Naselin ColdPlus Rub is available in 2 SKUs

ColdPlus Rub

25 gms

₹ 80

Naselin Cold plus rub
Naselin Cold plus rub for cold relief & relaxation

ColdPlus Rub

5 gms

₹ 20

Available at the chemist near you

How to use Naselin

Apply Naselin ColdPlus Rub on your
neck, chest, and back

Blocked nose relief

Apply upto 3-4 times daily
Consult your doctor if symptoms persist

Saline Spray


Stull ES, Roberts L, et al. Relationship of nasal congestion with sleep, mood, and productivity. Curr Med Res & Opinion 2007,23(4):811-819.

“Provides relief from symptoms of cold & congestion. If symptoms persist, please consult a physician. Use as directed.”