Naselin Saline Spray for Babys Nose

Saline nasal spray is undoubtedly the safest option to treat nasal congestion in infants and babies. It helps to clear mucus and draw moisture from swollen nasal tissues, thus relieving congestion and stuffiness.

A Saline spray also helps keep the cilia in your nose healthy. Cilia are tiny, hair-like structures that act as a physical barrier to trap inhaled particles, dust & pathogens to prevent them from entering the cells. By keeping cilia healthy, Saline spray may help prevent sinusitis and rhinitis.

It aids in providing moisture inside the nose to help thin and soften sticky mucus. For babies and young children with a stuffy nose, using a saline nasal spray will help to make the mucus easier to remove, as they cannot blow their noses. This provides relief from the stuffiness inside the nose and makes breathing easier.

If you are wondering when or how to use saline nasal spray in infants or babies, here’s what you need to know!

When to use a Saline spray?

A Saline nasal spray is used as nasal cleansing spray to get rid of seasonal allergies. It is also used to treat congestion and dryness in your nose.

In infants and babies, saline nasal spray can be used to treat nasal congestion caused by:

  • Common cold
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Nasal allergies, including allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

The air inside your home can be very dry, especially in the winter. I If your baby has problems breathing in the winter due to nasal dryness, you can use a saline nasal spray to moisten their nose.

Steps for using a saline spray

  • Hold your infant in your arms either straight up or lying down. Your arms can act as a cradle, and let the baby rest their head in the crook of one of your arms.
  • Put two or three drops of saline nasal spray in one nostril. If you have used the saline nasal spray before, make sure the top of the nostril is clean before you use it again.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the saline solution to enter the nasal passages.
  • Once the baby is calm and comfortable, repeat the same process for the other nostril.

One can use Saline nasal spray for babies, 1-2 times daily, or as often as prescribed by a health care provider.

Saline solution is a safe and efficient technique to prevent upper respiratory tract infections in young children. For effective relief, one can try Naselin Saline spray, which is one of the most effective nasal sprays for kids. Naselin Saline Nasal Spray can help flush out the mucus and germs, clear the nasal passage, and provide relief from a blocked nose, cold and sneezing. A saline nasal spray can be used several times a day to help you feel more comfortable. 

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