benefits of using saline nasal spray for sinus issues.

Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the sinus tissue. Sinuses are four pairs of cavities (spaces) in the head. They are linked together by narrow channels. The sinuses produce thin mucus that drains through the nasal channels. This drainage aids in keeping the nose clean and bacteria-free. Sinuses, which are normally filled with air, can become blocked and filled with fluid. Bacteria can grow in this environment and cause an infection which is also known as a bacterial infection. This is also known as rhinosinusitis, where “rhino” refers to the nose.

What are the different types of sinusitis?

There are different types of sinusitis:

Acute bacterial sinusitis:

This term refers to the sudden start of cold symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, and facial pain that persists for more than 10 days. These are the symptoms that appear to improve but then return and are worse than the initial symptoms. Antibiotics and decongestant nasal sprays work well on it.

Chronic Sinusitis:

When your sinuses become blocked with fluid, they can become infected. This is known as sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis develops if this condition persists and stays for a long period of time. Chronic sinusitis is a long-term sinus infection and inflammation. It can linger for a long time, usually more than 12 weeks.

Recurrent acute sinusitis:

This term refers to symptoms that return four or more times in a year and last for less than two weeks each time.

Sinusitis can make you feel congested and you are most likely to look out for a solution that will provide long-lasting relief. Saline nasal spray can help in this situation. Saline can help rinse away debris and dust from the nasal passages and thus improve sinus drainage.

What is a Saline nasal spray?

This product is used to treat nasal dryness in the nasal passages. It adds moisture inside the nose, which dissolves and softens thick mucus. This in turn relieves stuffiness and facilitates easy breathing. This product contains a mild salt solution that has been purified (also called saline or sodium chloride solution). One can use Naselin saline nasal spray to get relief from sinusitis. Saline nasal spray can help cleanse your nose of dirt, irritants and allergy-causing factors. It moisturises dry areas and reduces inflammation in your nose by flushing out toxins. You can also use a saline nasal spray to moisturise your nose if it feels dry from winter weather.

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