Get Natural Relief from Congestion and stuffy Nose A quick guide by Naselin

Congestion is one of the most common symptoms of a cold. It can be annoying and uncomfortable. However, there are some natural remedies for cold, sneezing, and congestion that can help you feel better quickly. Sore throat, runny nose, coughing, and congestion are just a few symptoms of cold and flu. With these natural remedies, you can get instant relief from cold and sneezing. Here are some easy home remedies for congestion relief and stuffy nose.


Ginger has therapeutic qualities that help relieve congestion and ease a sore throat. Additionally, the antibacterial properties of fresh ginger may aid in preventing cold. Add fresh ginger root to water and let it steep for a few minutes. Strain the tea and sip it slowly over the course of an hour or two. This will help clear out nasal congestion and help you breathe comfortably.


Honey has antibacterial properties that can help kill germs in your throat and nasal passages. This helps in the prevention of infection. But don’t forget to add some lemon juice or raw garlic cloves to your honey drink—these ingredients will help boost the immune system while also clearing out any excess mucus in your throat or sinuses.

Eucalyptus oil

Natural remedy for instant relief from blocked nose

Eucalyptus oil relieves cough and congestion due to colds or allergies. Simply apply a few drops of it on your handkerchief and sniff in the vapors. You’ll find instant relief as it opens up your blocked nose. Take a warm bath with lavender-infused water or essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus oil added to the water bath (this helps open up airways).

Take vitamin C supplements

Take vitamin C supplements daily to boost your immune system and prevent infection from germs causing influenza or pneumonia

Hot showers and steam inhalation

Hot showers can help relieve congestion by opening up your nasal passages. Additionally, it also soothes sore muscles or joints. Try taking a hot bath or using one of those steam inhalers as part of your routine. Use a humidifier in your bedroom if you find your nose congested throughout the night as well as in the morning hours before you get out of bed


If you’re experiencing blocked nose and nasal congestion, Naselin Nasal spray is a good option for on-the-go relief. Just spraying it in your nostrils will relieve your congestion instantly by unclogging your nasal passage and blocked sinuses in just 25 seconds. If your nasal congestion and stuffy nose persist, it is advised to see a doctor and treat any complications at the earliest!

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