Naselin Guide for Nose Care

Nasal hygiene plays an important part in your overall health. Taking care to keep your nasal passages clean can reduce the chances of potential viral and bacterial infections. Here are some good nasal hygiene habits and tips for nose care that should become a part of your routine.

Why Clean Your Nose?

The nasal mucosa itself is important because it keeps the airways clear by trapping any unwanted elements and preventing them from entering the lungs . However, because of this, the nose tends to gather a lot of dust, viruses, bacteria, and fungi besides mucus that the body produces. If you are mindful of nose hygiene, however, you should be able to help mitigate some the risk of disease and infections . 

There are 2 options for cleansing.

  1. Try Nasal Irrigation
    Nasal irrigation is a popular way to maintain nasal hygiene . It is also believed to be beneficial for certain conditions like sinus problems and even for easing symptoms of allergic rhinitis, common cold, and other upper respiratory infections. The practice has its roots in Ayurveda and may have originated from the ‘jal neti’ ritual , a means to perform a nasal wash using a special device called a neti pot.
  2. Use A Nasal Saline Spray
    A good quality saline nasal spray like Naselin Saline Spray can help make the process of maintaining nasal hygiene much easier. Off-the-shelf saline sprays are hygienically produced with the right balance of ingredients so you can use them right away as a nasal wash at home. What’s more the nozzle and instructions make it really easy for anyone to do and no special skills or expertise are needed. Regular use of nasal sprays or drops is known to support respiratory health .

Nasal Hygiene Tips

Whenever you use any nasal hygiene product or try and clean your nose, follow these basic tips:

  • Keep your nasal spray bottle or nasal irrigation equipment clean and stored carefully away from dust and contamination .
  • Never use plain unboiled tap water if you are making your rinse at home – it could be contaminated. 
  • Always wipe any equipment down before and after use.
  • Wash your hands well before doing any nasal ritual or administering spray or drops to the nose.
  • Close your nasal spray or nasal drops properly and store as instructed.

Naselin Saline Spray

A good nasal spray like Naselin Saline Spray can help maintain nasal hygiene, alleviate symptoms like congestion, ease discomfort, and keep your nasal passages clean and clear. Naselin Saline Spray can be used daily – this gentle spray flushes out viruses, bacteria, dirt, and germs in your nose to help you ward off infections and clear a blocked nose. A simple addition to your routine, but one that can transform your nasal hygiene.

Add Naselin Saline Spray to your nasal hygiene routine. Pick up a bottle at pharmacies online and offline. 

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