Nasal Drops for adults

Nasal drops for adults are a simple and effective way to deal with nasal congestion – but are you using the drops the right way? There are certain Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind when using nasal drops. Here’s a primer on how to use nasal drops for adults correctly.

Read the Instructions

Whenever you’re trying a new spray or solution for the first time, start by reading the instructions on the packaging carefully or use as directed by your doctor. Even if you have used a decongestant nasal spray or nose drops for adults before, formulations vary between brands and the dosage needed for one may be different from that of another nasal spray. If you are unsure, ask your doctor.

Blow Your Nose before Using Nasal Drops

While learning how to use nasal drops, you might miss out on this critical step. Always blow your nose out very gently before you begin putting any drops.

Always Wash Your Hands 

To avoid contaminating the solution or accidentally introducing more germs from your hands when you use the nasal drops, always wash your hands well before you apply the drops. You should wash your hands after, in case some nasal solution has got on your hands.

Keep Your Head Tilted

It is important to lie down or sit with your head tilted during the application of the drops and after. This will prevent the nasal drops from running out of your nose after being introduced with the dropper.

Do Not Let The Dropper Get Dirty

The dropper in the nasal solution must be kept completely clean. Do not lay it down on any contaminated surface, avoid touching it to the inside of your nose or the nostrils when you put in the drops.

Get Help If Needed

Putting nasal drops for yourself isn’t the easiest thing. Ask someone to help you apply the drops – this will ensure the drops go into the nasal passage correctly and the dropper stays clean.

Try Naselin Decongestant Nasal Solution

When it comes to good nasal sprays, Naselin Decongestant Nasal Solution is a sound choice. Known to be fast-acting, it gives relief from a stuffy nose and can be applied 1 to 3 times daily. Use just 2-3 drops of this decongestant nasal solution to treat congestion from colds, flu, or even an allergy. This formulation has active ingredients designed to clear out your sinuses and a blocked nose. As your congestion clears, you should feel an easing of the associated discomfort from your cold or allergy too.

Naselin Decongestant Nasal Solution is available over-the-counter at pharmacies around the country and online. See the last of your stuffy blocked nose with this easy to use solution!

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